About SGB Group - Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa
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About SGB Group - Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa

About SGB Group

SGB (Cooperative Banking Group)

According to our slogan “Cooperative Bank Always On the Way”, we are unchangeably close to our Customers and ready to offer the highest level financial service.

SGB cooperative banks

Who We are?

The Association of Cooperative Banks is formed by: 192 Cooperative Banks and SGB-Bank Spółka Akcyjna. Our assets include a well-developed network of over 1 500 bank branches and on-line access channels. Moreover, SGB Clients can withdraw cash from 4,000 cash dispensing machines with no extra fees charged. State of the art technology combined with over 160 years of banking tradition of managing capital of many generations of Poles underlies a strong position of cooperative banks on the market of financial services.

According to our slogan “Cooperative Bank Always On the Way”, we are unchangeably close to our Customers and ready to offer the highest level financial service. Care for a systematic service quality improvement is one of the priorities in our development strategy that we have been implementing consequently for many years. In SGB we believe that our Customers’ needs define our service standards. Therefore, SGB continually seeks opportunities to enlarge its offer with products and services that meet our Customers’ expectations.

One of the basic goals of SGB Banks is to ensure complex financial services to companies operating in cities and villages, enterprises of the farming and food sector, and individual farmers, as well as to support the development of local communities.

Due to their long presence on the market, SGB Banks are reliable partners. The wide group of Customers who put their trust in us proves that we are able to face the strong competition that is characteristic for the banking services market.

The application of modern technological solutions allows us to provide our Customers with European quality standard deposit and loan facilities. We are doing our best to offer these facilities for reduced prices. Besides interesting credit facilities, we offer a wide range of bank accounts, term deposits, and payment cards, including VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, MasterCard. We ensure complex services in the area of foreign exchange transactions and issuance of municipal bonds. Our services are also available via the Internet, telephone and mobile phones.

About SGB-Bank S.A.

“The strength of the associating bank comes from strong Cooperative Banks”

SGB-Bank S.A. (formerly Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski S.A. (Wielkopolska Commercial Bank)) was established in 1990 on the initiative of Cooperative Banks that operated in Wielkopolska and the south-western part of Poland. The period of over 25 years of operating on the market has been marked by a continuing dynamic development of the bank and the whole Group.

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